Celtic Sea Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW)

Floating Offshore Wind along with Solar and Hydrogen is one of the big three technologies set to turn the tide on the global emergency - What works in the Celtic Sea will work globally

Although Fixed-bottom Offshore Wind has led the way to low-cost, commercial-scale, renewable power, only a small percentage of global locations with viable wind speeds can satisfy the necessary <50m water depth.  Whilst the North Sea leads the world in Fixed-bottom Offshore Wind, this shallow continental shelf is a topological anomaly.


The significant market for renewable offshore wind power is at water depths of greater than 60m. For this topology the world needs Floating Offshore Wind.


The forecast global market is for 13.1GW of FLOW in operation by 2030, and 71GW by 2040.

The Celtic Sea region of the UK and Ireland can be a cradle of innovation driving the industrialisation of FLOW for the World.  

  1. Crown Estate England has announced that the forthcoming seabed leasing for the Celtic Sea will be dedicated to commercial scale Floating Offshore Wind

  2. Independent studies identify 50GW of electricity capacity available in the Celtic Sea 

  3. The UK government’s forthcoming Contracts for Difference electricity price auction for renewable power specifically targets floating wind capacityCornwall is leading innovation in regulation, technology and supply chain capability to accelerate Floating Offshore Wind to reach commercial viability and zero subsidy, this includes the leading the research which can underpin fast-track planning consent, autonomous vessels, front-loaded investment to build competitive local supply chains, and multi-port concepts for parallel floater production and de-risked turbine assembly.


The efforts of developers, investors and suppliers of Floating Offshore Wind projects who build a presence in Cornwall and the South West will be accelerated by a highly collaborative and energised grouping of local industry, entrepreneurs, universities and authorities.   


What works in the Celtic Sea will work globally.   The commercial scale of Floating Offshore Wind projects built in the Celtic Sea will competitively position developers and suppliers across the £7bn world market for Floating Offshore Wind.


“Cornwall is the perfect location for such a crucial summit. Two hundred years ago Cornwall’s tin and copper mines were at the heart of the UK’s industrial revolution and this summer Cornwall will again be the nucleus of great global change and advancement”

Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, Prime Minister 23/01/21